Saturday, July 7, 2012

Progress update for 6/30/12 - 7/6/12

This week:

  1. The roommate and I are participating in a gamejam this month and are using the Mega Man engine we've been working on for this purpose. Starting on the first, we're going to be making The Adventures of Balzac and Dickens.
  2. I've worked out a few problems in the level editor after my roommate and I began prototyping levels.
  3. Added platform collisions to the engine. Now you can have tiles that you can move horizontally through, and jump up from underneath, but you can stand on top of them.
  4. Added layers to the engine and the editor. Now you can have stuff in the foreground AND the background! So high tech!
  5. Changed how transitions worked a little bit in order to have more complex level designs down the line. Rooms now draw on demand instead of constantly being drawn. This lets us do neat tricks like the Lost Woods in Zelda 1.
  6. Switched from using alpha blend everywhere to color key for transparency. Especially in the editor.
That's pretty much it. I spent a lot of time working on level design and reading up on some stuff. Additionally, I was spending a lot of time preparing for my honeymoon, which starts tomorrow. So I'm afraid that next week's update will be sparse as well and only contain whatever my roommate works on. In the meantime, here's some screenshots:
There's Balzac and some glorious layers
His glorious jump animation. His shirt even flaps in the wind when jumping.
Pay no attention to the level geometry oversight in the picture.
His idle animation is pretty great too.

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