Saturday, July 28, 2012

Progress update for 7/21/12 - 7/27/12

This week:

  1. I made the camera's transition independent of the player's transition between rooms. This lets me move the player three tiles to the left and then the camera can move 5 tiles left and 3 tiles down, for example. Support for this functionality was also added into the editor.
  2. I fixed some dialog box values in the Alan Moore level and then finalized the level's geometry!
  3. My roommate fixed up our main menu since the save/load functionality won't be done in time for the end of the month and the competition deadline.
  4. Added two new enemies to the game for the Alan Moore level. They also get hand drawn sprite sheets from me, ensuring that they look terrible.
  5. Added a new AI "Walk" behavior for the above mentioned enemies.
That's about all for this week I'm afraid. July has been really busy for me this year, making this month less than awesome for a game-in-a-month competition. On the other hand, that's how competitions go I suppose. Otakon is cutting my week short this time, which means I'll really be cramming the last two days of the month to add as much polish as possible before it has to be put up online for download.

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