Saturday, June 30, 2012

Progress update for 6/23/2012 - 6/29/2012

This week:

  1. My roommate continued working on AI and got stuck on a weird .NET reference error bug. After he gave up, I took a look at it and came up with a work around. Still no idea on what was up with that bug though. For a more detailed explaination, please look here.
  2. Found a link to an article about marketing indie games that might be useful down the line.
  3. I finished room transitions to a polished shine.
  4. I rewrote the entire control system. Controls are now based on Actions (strings) and I can easily check for button presses, new presses, continuous presses, releases, etc of any button or key associated with a string quickly. The game actually controls a bit better now, though I still want to tweak how bullets are fired and how the shooting animation is played.
  5. With level transitions working properly, I went ahead and created the rest of the Cutman level's rooms in the level editor. There were some bugs to work out, but now everything works fine with transitions and running around and such. There's no enemies placed after the first room yet, but that's a minor point and will be adjusted later. Running through the level repeatedly though has shown me that there's still work to be done on the player class. There are situations where, when close to a platform corner, the player will switch to a running frame for just a moment or where the jumping variables aren't quite right and the player can't reach certain areas. These bugs will be worked out later and are just noted for now.
  6. My roommate added Beak enemies (Blasters in Japanese), though they aren't quite perfect yet, they're close.
  7. I changed Mega Man's injured logic to first push you back and then give you back control after a bit with a short period of invincibility. Before this you wouldn't get control back until invincibility wore off, which let Bladers really tear you up.
  8. Spikes kill you now. Sorry.
  9. Fixed a bug where the game would think you were on the ground when you were actually jumping past a corner.
  10. Fixed a slew of ladder related bugs. Ladders suck.
  11. Roommate added more behaviors to the enemy AI after I added an extra generic parameter for all enemies in the engine and the level editor.
  12. Added in all spawns of Beaks (Blasters), Octopus Batteries (Suzys), and Bladers (Bunby Helis).
  13. Tidied up some sprites and added death particle spritesheets
  14. Roommate added Flea enemies. Their AI does little more than jump constantly right now.
Here's a video!
Here's some screenshots:

A room further in the level

This is a bad situation to be in!

Made it to the end!

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