Saturday, June 16, 2012

Progress update for 6/9/2012 - 6/15/2012

This week:

  1. Moved the project to some proper source control system called Assembla. It's free up to 1GB and has a nice visual studio plug in.
  2. Got my roommate working on this with me now. He added code for doing things like playing sounds when things die and also started on writing some basic AI for the enemies.
  3. I started working on ladders thinking that it would be a quick little thing that would take a few hours. I was wrong. So, so wrong.
  4. Ladders wasn't actually so bad in retrospect, but it feels like it took a long time just because I didn't devote so much time to programming each day this week.
  5. Jumping the gun a bit here, but I was idly listening to this episode of Extra Credits and it got me thinking about my engine and why I played and enjoyed the original Mega Man games. Even better, it got me thinking about what I want to get out of this engine and what I want players to get out of this engine. This is something I'll post more about and think about more later after I've finished Cutman's stage, but it's good to be putting it on the back burner now.
  6. Roommate implemented pausing and pausing when the game window is not in focus.
  7. Not directly related to development, but maybe Mega Man L should get made; it's more than Capcom is doing now.
After last week's additions, I decided I wanted to take it slower this week so I'm not going to push myself to have anything finished. This decision is also in part because the wife leaves for a week or so starting on Saturday so I'll have PLENTY of free time to be coding this game. I intend to make a lot of progress then because of the sheer amount of free time I'll have.

Late edit: Forgot to take screenshots for Screenshot Saturday! Here:
My roommate added some basic AI code.

I added ladders.

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