Saturday, May 19, 2012

Progress update for 5/12/2012 - 5/18/2012

This week:

  1. Spent 8 hours on Sunday tweaking and thinking about architecture changes. During this session, I got an enemy spawning at a set location and dying from player bullets. I also squished some bugs, most of which were caused by silly typos in for loops. Also spent a small chunk of time wading through the enemy and player classes. Eventually I decided I would be better off rewriting them to use a single Actor class and then a component design pattern.
  2. Began redesigning the Player and Enemy classes into a more cohesive base class. Took breaks from this to design a rough outline for how the Camera and Room and Level classes need to work. Also thought about how to store all the Level and Room information. Decided to use XML files for metadata.
  3. Began work on the graphical level editor. So far this has involved some basic form functionality and then finalizing my design for level structure. I'll write a post about this in the near future once I get the basic functionality of the editor working.

Since there's nothing visually different about the actual game this week, there's no screenshots. Sorry.

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