Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Declaration of Intent

I'll keep this brief since pontificating is not the point of this blog.

The goal of this blog is to organize my thoughts and track my development as a programmer in relation to video game software design and execution. I've been wondering lately whether my daily web development job is really where I want to be in 10 years and after talking to an old friend of mine who, as it turns out, is now working for an indie game company, I'm not sure it is. I've been thinking for a while that game development might be more my thing.

I've been very interested in making games for many years, dating all the way back to my childhood, playing on the old IBM computer writing (very bad and rudimentary) text adventures in QBasic. In college I wrote a game for my girlfriend based off Princess Maker. It had stat planning, multiple endings, and a handful of bugs, but it worked most of the time. Looking back on it, it was a hot mess. After that, I made a simple Silverlight game modeled on 1942. Then I made a Silverlight point and click game engine, which I used to write a game for proposing to my girlfriend. Since then, I've created a few projects here and there but none have reached a truly playable status. My most recent of these idle projects is a Mega Man clone, because I like playing Mega Man games.

I will begin this blog by chronicling my development of my Mega Man clone.

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